Newly emerging capabilities can unlock greater C2 performance – but, they can be challenging and risky to implement. Through the application of first principles and real-world experience, solutions in the following areas continue to mature through a more disruptive, trial and error process. Feel free to contact me to discuss their applicability and efficacy in different contexts.


  • Advanced Facilities; appropriate and apportioned workspaces that maximize cognition and outcomes
  • Virtualized Workstations: flexible information and control capabilities (‘single pane of glass’) that are tailorable to user and team needs, scenarios, and modes of operation
  • Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles & Drones; actuation, sensing, manipulation and locomotion from remote machines
  • Cybersecurity and Safety; guarding our people, processes, systems, and data in an era of growing threat agents to new and legacy weakness exploits
  • Cloud Solutions; for greater resiliency and redundancy, towards greater virtualization of control


  • Human-System Integration (HSI); Enhancing the User Interface and Experience (UI/UX), optimized for better situation awareness, decision making and response
  • Information and Alert Management; appropriate management of information, data, and alerts for better directed attention of users and automated machine response
  • Inserting A.I., Automation, Machine Learning into C2; harnessing the power of advanced, emerging Controls in our data-driven, New Machine Age


  • Training; sustainable human capabilities and team of teams competencies in the total solution
  • Acquisition & Sustainment Strategies; defining the business’ approach to internal and contracted roles and responsibilities that will deliver on the initial solution and its updates over its lifecycle
  • Project Delivery Frameworks; providing program and project leadership with a comprehensive approach to delivering every aspect of the program