Recent challenges that C2 customers are facing include the growing numbers of disparate, multi-generational systems in facilities; confusing situation awareness during incidents; alert fatigue; limited “future-proofing” of platforms; dependency on stop-gap solutions; weak data management; cybersecurity exposure; increased maintenance; disarming, pre-IT era acquisition processes; tightening budgets; and difficulty retaining talented people.

Emerging capabilities such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation show great promise but come with their own sets of issues; knowing how to proceed can be dauting.

C2 customers need high-performance, practical solutions that solidly position them in the new control age. Customers deserve to have those solutions delivered and sustained with pride in satisfying, cost-effective programs that confront and subdue the daunting, potentially disruptive challenges ahead. A commensurate change in C2 programming, to keep pace with the solutions realm seems appropriate.

A fresh approach is needed to exploit the opportunities and deliver real-world value the customers can benefit from and sustain.