There are two factors customers commonly align solutions to; mission effectiveness and business effectiveness. Below is a shortlist of factors to consider; some may be a priority in your program.

Mission Effectiveness

  1. Robust – resilient and reliable solutions, in concert with distributed and backup sites
  2. Safe & Secure – secured from external hazards and vulnerabilities, physical and virtual
  3. Scalable – has provisions for growth, absorbing technology evolution over time
  4. Configurable – reconfiguration as technology and operational needs change
  5. Accessible – mission and support work is accessible and easily done
  6. Habitable – pleasing, effective spaces for high performance and job satisfaction
  7. Communicative – flexible and focused collaboration and communication with users
  8. Cognitive – actionable intelligence, routed, represented for use by the human-machine system

Business Effectiveness

  1. Achievable – can be developed, delivered, and sustained by the organization within resources
  2. Competent – sustaining mission and organizational IQ – expensive to build, retain, and develop
  3. Satisfying – authentic political, social, economic, technical alignment in the delivery process
  4. Acclaimed – projects positively our culture and purpose with colleagues, allies, and clients
  5. Cost Effective – capital, operating, and decommissioning cost for the mission are within limits
  6. Time Effective – mission objectives can be achieved within the time available