C2 concepts and principles can be applied across a wide variety of sectors and systems. The following section lists common control problems encountered by my clients. With a little help a client can typically identify the correct combination of concepts and principles to apply and deliver their specific solution.


  • Smarter Cities; mobility; resource management; public safety; public security; affordability; convenience
  • Transportation; vehicle controls; surface road systems; mass transit; marine; airports
  • Aerospace; flight controls; space systems, airlines, drones, freight aviation, commercial aviation
  • Critical Health Systems; intensive care units, building management systems
  • Logistics and Manufacturing; supply chain optimization; process automation
  • Energy; Oil & Gas, Electrical Grid, Nuclear Power
  • Defense; specialization for harsh, mission-critical environments, space systems


  • Control Systems; Integrated Caution Warning Systems, Vehicle Control; Traffic Management Systems; Traveler/Customer Information Systems; Smart Building Management Systems
  • Control Facilities; Control Centers; Control Rooms and Adjacencies; Data Centers; Staff/Support Facilities; Vehicle Integration; On-Site Co-located Centers, Cloud-Based, Hybrid Models
  • Monitoring Systems; Video, CCTV; Health Monitoring; Physical Security; Trace Gas; Satellite Imaging
  • User Interface/User Experience; Theater Displays; Analytics/KPI) Dashboards; Workstations
  • Data Management; Data Warehouses; Data Lakes; Enterprise Service Bus
  • Advanced Capabilities; System of Systems Integration; Automation; Data Fusion; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Decision Support; Drones; Augmented Reality; Failover, Resiliency and Redundancy