This section has two parts; professional and personal.


I received a BSc in Physics and Astrophysics in 2000, an MSC in Optoelectronics in 2001, and in 2007 a PhD in Physics. In 2016 I earned three professional certifications in Systems; CSEP (general systems engineering) from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), OOSEM (systems modeling) from Object Management Group (OMG), and CPRE (requirements engineering) from the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB).

In 2007 I worked in research and development of novel trace gas sensors at Princeton University and then to infrared aerospace systems with City College and Northrop Grumman Corporation. In 2011 I shifted gears and began systems consulting with the NYC subway. Since then, I have worked on a variety of mission-critical C2 programs, big and small, across North America in transit and transportation.

To give you a sense of working with me, my strengths lie in strategy, deep problem solving, brainstorming, and learning. I am just as comfortable working solo or with teams, remote or on-site.

Characteristics of my work include design excellence that is defensible to cost-conscious managers and that you will be proud to deliver to your Customers; cohesive and consistent work-products; appropriate, realistic innovation; creativity from the team dynamic; strong delivery strategy and methods; assertiveness and joy in the daily doing of the work.

I am a member of INCOSE, the International Command and Control Institute (ICCI), and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

For a copy of my Curriculum Vitae please send me a request.


Born and raised in Ireland, I have been based in the NYC region since 2001. In 2015 I became a U.S. Citizen. Some of my personal interests outside of my work include:

WORLD MUSIC: I can (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view) pick up just about any instrument and bang out a tune on it. I have been in a few (terrible) bands over the years. My YouTube playlist is a mix of 70’s-90’s rock, Latin hits, Classical, and Middle Eastern. A great advantage of life in the NYC area has been the live shows; ask me if there is a venue or act you are interested in learning about. Nothing though beats a small session playing tunes, a dance, even a few poems with friends, family, strangers at a pub or at home.

CULTURE & EXPLORATION: I enjoy speaking 3 languages in addition to my native Gaeilge (Irish) and English. Growing up in the “old-world” I thought it was normal to have buildings >5,000 years old a few miles down the road from your house. About 10-years ago I began an exploration of Caribbean, Central, and South America culture. That curiosity has expanded to further regions; the Middle East, Far East and Eastern Europe. One of the most intriguing things (albeit I suppose obvious) to me is how consistent all peoples of the world are in our common dreams for our lives and work, dreams for our children, and shared principles for goodness. Universal values really are just that.

NATURE & HIKING: below is an image from the highest peak in the north-east of Ireland, Sliabh Donnard. At 880m it is 1/10th the height of Sagarmāthā (Mount Everest). The person in the image is my dear father. My parents are avid hikers and were great at dragging all of us through the soggy fields and up and down the rainy surrounding hills as kids.  Thanks to them, I gained an appreciation of nature and the natural interconnectedness that sustains us all.